About CanadaIMS

CandaIMS is a top leading immigration consultancy firm that prides itself in helping interested clients from different parts of the world immigrate to Canada with ease. We have a team of experienced international immigration specialists who can facilitate your main objective which is obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence visa.

We assist talented and skilled candidates who have already started their immigration journey by becoming a part of the pool of Federal Skilled Candidates. This includes hundreds of thousands of profiles that scored 350 to 460 points who are currently in the pool. Our professional services also extend to customers who are in search of a job offer from a Canadian employer. We can help you achieve both your personal and professional immigration objectives.

Our experienced immigration team is committed to ensuring that you have a smooth and easy immigration application process to Canada. We provide the highest quality of professional knowledge and customer support.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to help facilitate a smoother process for thousands of people who are interested in immigrating to Canada. We understand your reasons for choosing Canada to be your new country of residence and this is why we want to help. We will walk with you at every step of the way until we have fully accomplished your Canada immigration dream.

Our Objective

At CanadaIMS, we understand the unending competitions and possible barriers that may serve as obstacles to your immigration to Canada. Here, our objective is to help proffer possible solutions to combat those barriers and put you on your way to immigration success. We are strictly goal-driven and proactive to sort out possible issues that might arise and then get you started on your journey to Canada.