Canada Investor & Entrepreneur Visa

Investor & Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and Investor Visa Program

There is a demand for immigrants who want to start businesses that can contribute to the improvement of Canada's economy. Canada has a growing private sector economy that is yet to be harnessed to its full potential.

There are several visa programs available for business entrepreneurs and possible investors. Canada is very receptive to new working business innovations. Now, let’s take a brief look at these 3 programs:

  • Business Start-Up Visa Program
    This special type of visa program is targeted at foreign entrepreneurs who want to start up a new business in Canada.
    Eligibility includes:
    1. Providing a letter of support by the organization involved
    2. Owning a qualified business
    3. Possess a minimum score of 5 for your CLB on language proficiency
    4. Show proof of funds
    We can also help you determine if your business is qualified for the business start-up visa program.
  • Self-Employed Program
    Before one can fully immigrate to Canada under the self-employed program, one should have experience in the relevant areas. You are also expected to possess a minimum of 2 years experience within the 5 years time of applying. However, note that this program is also a point-based system.
    Let’s take a look at how the points are being calculated:
    1. Education – Maximum of 25 points
    2. Age – Maximum of 10 points
    3. Proficiency in Language – Maximum of 24 points
    4. Adaptability Skills – Maximum of 6 points
    At CanadaIMS, we can help you maximize your chances of acquiring higher points in these areas.
  • Provincial Entrepreneurship Program
    This program requires advanced managerial skill experiences and a net worth of about a million dollars. The basic amount required to get started is CAD100,000.
    Also, you must show that your business can work in Canada and be able to contribute to the good of the economy. In some provinces, you are expected to possess a minimum level of proficiency in the concerned language. There are still different options available to you.


How we Can Help at CanadaIMS

Here, we are a team of experienced visa experts. Have our team go through your business and identify the program that’s suitable for it. We can also help check if your business is qualified for the programs available. In the past, we have helped clients establish their business in Canada. We can help you as well. So, why don’t you choose CanadaIMS today, we’d be so excited to be part of your innovation.