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Our Approach

Interestingly, the Canadian Immigration System keeps changing over time. Currently, the required CRS to get an invitation from the Federal Government from Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Stream (EE-FSW) hovers around 438 to 476 points within the past 2 years.

Meanwhile, candidates who had higher scores from the last draw, but unfortunately weren’t chosen from the pool of candidates see themselves not getting enough scores from the next draw. Thereby, prolonging their stay in the pool of candidates. Unfortunately, this situation keeps reoccurring for some candidates who lack better guidance.

At CanadaIMS, our approach is to first help you get a better understanding of the immigration process. In 2019, the Canadian government accepted over 100,000 new Permanent Residents through the Express Entry program. The same thing applies to other years. Though, it’s quite difficult to predict what will happen with your next score. Still, we can help you with better preparations.

Subsequently, we utilize a more conservative approach when guiding our customers in this Express Entry program. Seeing the importance of having a Canadian job offer to the immigration process, our approach is based on the assumption that all our clients reside outside of Canada. Therefore, our team of international Job search experts will assist them in securing Canadian employment. The system believes that candidates with qualified job offers have better chances at settling down socially and financially, unlike those that don’t have any.

However, at CanadaIMS, we strongly believe that having a qualified job offer is the safest and most reliable approach as regards the Express Entry Federal Skilled Workers program. The reasons are, it gives our candidates privileges to 2 main situations:

  • The privilege of being selected on the spot in case your last score wasn’t high enough.
  • Understanding that it’s an important part of the immigration process.

Our approach is targeted at ensuring that our clients are fully prepared for these two situations. CanadaIMS is well equipped and experienced to fully support and guide you towards securing a Canadian job offer and achieving success in the immigration process.

13 Things You Should Know About the Canadian Immigration Process


When Can I start a New Life in Canada?

The timeframe is 6 months. Usually, candidates who possess the required talents and skills as recognized by the Canadian government are welcome to start their immigration journey. Unfortunately, a good number of them might not make it as Permanent Residents within 6 months which is the official deadline as published by the Canadian Government. This is why you need to contact CanadaIMS right away.

Although most of these candidates who have already been invited by the Canadian government have above 460 points with reasonable Canadian work experience or education.


The Dynamic Nature of the Canadian Immigration System

Before venturing into the immigration process into Canada, you need to understand that the system is quite unpredictable. The system keeps changing but on the other hand, it’s also welcoming. About 90,000 applicants got their Permanent Residency through the Express Entry program last year.

However, the truth is, the system is clearly placing applicants with proper Canadian work experience or those with job offers from Canadian employers as top priorities.

Having a job offer is so important because studies of landed immigrants have shown that candidates with qualified job offers are likely to settle down and adapt easily. Making it possible to raise their families without being a burden to anyone.


Sliver Profiles – Skilled and Talented 100,000 candidates

Currently, there are more than 100,000 candidates in the pool of skilled foreign workers looking to immigrate to Canada. Here, we refer to them as Silver Profiles. These are talented and Skilled Candidates who scored about 350 to 460 points.

However, if you live outside of Canada and have never obtained any Canadian work experience or Education, you are likely to be qualified for the talented group. Just contact us and check your eligibility.

If you wish to become part of the pool, kindly check your CRS score here

The table below shows candidates records in the Express Entry Pool as of September 28, 2021

CRS score range Number of candidates
601-1200 331
501-600 302
451-500 23,295
491-500 259
481-490 471
471-480 3,914
461-470 9,182
451-460 9,469
401-450 42,452
441-450 9,367
431-440 9,602
421-430 7,214
411-420 7,728
401-410 8,541
351-400 48,830
301-350 25,490
0-300 3,318
Total 144,018

Silver Profiles


Talented & Skilled


Our Mission

We are committed to helping our clients secure a qualified job offer in Canada before their arrival to Canada.

A job offer from a Canadian employer is what you need for easy approval to your Permanent Residency. Our mission is to help our clients enjoy a smooth process toward their immigration and adaptation to Canada.


Your Residential Country

Our main aim is focused on clients living outside of Canada, who are already in the pool of candidates. And also, candidates that understand the importance of having a Canadian job offer.


Basic Criteria for Our Program

We can only work with clients we believe have a better chance at securing a job in Canada. However, as part of our professional approach, we pass our clients through the following criteria to determine their eligibility:

  • At least 3 years work experience
  • Level of education – at least bachelor’s degree
  • Occupation in demand in Canada
  • High Language Proficiency
  • Ability to work in a remote area

Our Expectation from Customers

We expect our customers to be committed to job hunting and a high level of dedication. On seeing your level of commitment, we will ensure to assist you fully in securing a qualified job opportunity. Our teamwork cannot succeed unless you are part of it.


Job Search Training

We can also guide and coach through the process and strategies of securing the job opportunity of your choice. We will assist you to ensure you maximize all the opportunities you encounter as regards getting an offer.


Your Immigration Preparations

We encourage our clients to start getting their necessary documents and information ready for the immigration process.

This is because you may start processing your application immediately after you secure a job offer. You need to meet up with time, as Canadian employers are usually time-sensitive.


Entering the pool of Skilled Candidates

Although, getting into the pool of skilled candidates doesn’t necessarily guarantee an immediate Invitation to Apply. Rather, it also opens up opportunities for your profile to be noticed and possibly nominated by one of the provinces.

Joining the pool exposes a candidate’s profile to the Job board - a governmental site visited by majorities of Canadian employers.


Qualified Canadian Job Offer

A qualified job offer is the kind of offer issued by a Canadian company that has been in operation for at least a year. And, have reasonable staff under its payroll. At CanadaIMS, we are fully dedicated to ensuring you secure one out of these numerous opportunities


Immigration Proper

After that, you must have secured a job opportunity. Our experienced legal team will check your employer’s company and see if it complies with immigration criteria as a qualified company.

We understand the importance of getting a qualified offer from a qualified company. This is why we will exhaust our resources in ensuring that you got the right offer from the right and qualified company.


Immigrating to Canada

Canada has up to 70 different programs – from permanent Residency to work permits. On arriving in Canada with a full legal status either on a permanent or temporary basis. This basis will be defined once you have secured a job offer from a Canadian employer.

At this stage, have our team negotiate with your Canadian employer for the best result.


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