Canada RCIC Selection Process

Our RCIC Team

There are over 70 different programs for potential candidates who are interested in immigrating to Canada. However, to ensure the successful accomplishment of your mission, we employ the services of selected RCICs who underwent a thorough screening process to guide you.

Of course, each of our RCICs has gained a reasonable amount of experience in their area of specialization. Their success rates are commendable with effortless approaches. We have been in this business to discover that most of our customers feel more at peace when they are being represented by a professional who understands and speaks their local language. With CanadaIMS, be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Once you have successfully secured employment, we will assign one of our experienced RCICs who is specialized in your case. He/she will represent your case before Citizenship and Immigration Canada. They will walk with you at every step of the way till your immigration dreams have been achieved.

Factors that Affect Our RCICs Case Assignment Process

Here are the factors we consider before assigning your case a qualified RCIC:

  • The peculiarity of the case and the suitable RCIC professional for it.
  • Your native or fluent language for easy communication
  • Your cultural and values background

Our Experienced RCICs are more than Capable to Help
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