Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

This program is focused on accepting applicants who possess special qualities, skills, talents, professional experience, or education required to solve a particular need or boost the economy of a particular province in Canada.

There are 10 provinces in Canada. Each province has its own special programs with a special set of rules attributed to them. Know this, once you immigrate to Canada through a PNP program, you must ensure to stick with that province. If approved, you’ll receive a nomination certificate to certify that you are needed and being nominated by that province. With this certificate, you’ll now have the privilege to apply for a final assessment by the Canadian Federal Government.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

How to Become Eligible for the Canadian PNP program

This program is suitable for four types of candidates:

  • Applicants who possess a work permit and have recently worked in Canada
  • Individuals who comply with a particular PNP program and have sent their Expression of Interest Letter to the Express Entry pool
  • Individuals that share a connection with the province concerned. For instance, may have studied or had formerly worked in that province
  • Applicants who have fulfilled all the requirements for a particular province and are still sponsored by a family member

Way to Apply for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Each province has a special application process to follow before you can be recognized. We can guide you all through the process. There are two basic types of application processes to consider. They are:

  • Applying Online Through Express Entry
    To apply for PNP online through express entry, you have 2 different alternatives to follow:
    1. Firstly, you can contact the province and apply for nomination through the Express Entry stream
    2. Or build an Express Entry profile and extend your interest to the provinces or territories. If any one of them sends you a notification of interest. Then, you can directly contact them and submit your application to their nomination program.
  • Offline or Paper-based Application

    If you are in full compliance with the eligibility requirements for your province interest, you can apply to them through a non-Express Entry program. If you get accepted or nominated. Then, you’ll be required to send across a paper application for Permanent Residency under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This kind of application normally takes time.

However, if you get nominated, you will be assigned 600 points by their province which you can accept electronically. After this, you will then have a special privilege to be selected for the next Express Entry draw.

How We Can Help?

At CanadaIMS, we remain your best choice immigration consultancy firm to successfully get nominated by a province in Canada. We understand all the requirements and guidelines as to being recognized. We can help you prepare or create an attractive Express Entry profile that can attract any of the provinces or territories.