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Here at CanadaIMS, we understand the serious boost having a qualified job offer can add to your immigration process and also, how hard it is to get that job offer from a Canadian Employer. This is why we offer our professional assistance and consultancy services to make the process easier for you.

In this business, there’s a saying that goes – the longer you get committed to your Canadian job hunting, the more Canadian Employers you get to meet. Then, the higher chances of you securing a job offer quickly. Also, it’s worthwhile to note that the law of big numbers is hugely applicable when it comes to international Job search. Suffice to say, you need more connections to have a variety of options to choose from.

As your immigration process Partner, our mission is to equip you with the necessary knowledge, plans, and effective strategies that will help you in your immigration journey. Having the right training, guidance and legal representation are very critical in this immigration process. On the other hand, the more knowledgeable you are about the Canadian market, business systems, cultural environment, and the common recruitment technique, the easier it will be to secure an offer.

Most Canadian employers are in dire need of serious talents and skills to fill up their business vacancies. So, the high demand for Canadian workforce expansion. There has been a prediction that says Canada is likely to face a labor force shortage of about 2 million workers in 2031. So, this is part of why they need skilled candidates.

Unfortunately, there are still some concerns as regards whether both parties can interact properly as compared to the natural tendency of employers to choose candidates in their country rather than going for someone they have not even met.

With our wealth of experience and knowledge in the international job search and the Canadian immigration process, we remain the best companion you need to fully navigate these processes without much struggle or frustration.

Our Job Hunting Services

Professional Profile Assessment

This remains the first phase of your international job hunting. At this stage, we will go through your profile to determine if your skills or talents are needed in Canada. We will then examine your Academic qualification, work experience, Language skills, Cultural Background, Education certifications, dedication to Job search, and then be able to work in a remote town.

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Personality Assessment Test

Most Canadian employers require information to see if they are comfortable hiring your personality. They run a personality assessment test to determine your traits. Here is most of the information they are looking for – Your decision-making skills, Stress Management, Self-assertive skills, Confidence, Adaptability Skills, and most importantly communication skills. This assessment is normally carried out by a Canadian company that the employer trusts.

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CV optimization

To fully stand out amongst other applicants, your CV, resume, and LinkedIn profile must be unique. As your international job hunting specialist, our mission is to help optimize them up to Canadian format standards. We will review and help you edit your LinkedIn profile, including your other social media profiles if any.

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Video Resume

Video resumes are very crucial in international job hunting. It makes your profile more professional and unique. This is because it gives the employer the privilege to get a clearer picture of knowing you better, even when they haven’t met you.

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Job Interview Preparations and Training

Again as your job hunting specialists, we understand that to successfully secure a qualified job offer, you need to scale through with the interview. Of course, interviews come with anxiety, stress, fear, pressure, etc. With CanadaIMS, let’s help you get prepared. We will drill you through all the basic scenarios so you won't lose focus on the D-day.

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Mentorship under International Job Search

To fully conquer this process, you need all the mental support possible because the journey is not easy. However, at CanadaIMS, we will help you prepare mentally and lecture you on how to overcome your anxiety and pressure during this job search process. Also, be rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way until you have secured an offer with a Canadian employer.

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Effective Job Hunting Strategies

Under this category, we will guide you on the important provinces or territories to target based on your qualification and skills. We will also show you how to use a video resume to your advantage. Our job search specialist will also expose you to the hidden strategies you need to become successful with your quest. Of course, we would also help enhance your proposition skills so you can easily convince a Canadian employer as a foreigner.

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Job Search Enhancement

To help fasten the process, we will recommend your optimized profile to the local Canadian recruiters we are in contact with. They will now forward your profile to the Canadian employers they know, based on your skillset and the vacancies available.

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How to Relate with A Canadian Employer

Most Canadian employers will always have multiple questions and concerns as to whether you qualified, especially as a foreign. This is because some of them have not worked with a foreigner before. We will guide you on how to approach them with the highest point of professionalism. Our goal is to make you look hirable.

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How Your Job Offer Should Appear?

A typical job offer or employment contract should contain the following:

  • Job title clearly stated with the position offered
  • Job descriptions
  • Information required for the position like – essential credentials, educational qualifications, experiences, skills, certificates, and licenses
  • Start and end dates (if any)
  • Salary structure for both wages and other benefits
  • Contact details of the employer or any other qualified person who knows about the job offer

Our Immigration Preparation Services

Document Gathering, Optimization, and Verification

This is the first phase of starting your immigration process. We will help you collect and organize the relevant document so you can immediately start the immigration process, once a job offer has been secured without delays.

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Information Gathering and Collection

Having your information ready before securing a job offer is very essential. We will help you gather and collect the relevant information with proper validation and assessment to check if they comply with the required standard.

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Professional Assistance for your IELTS and WES

As part of the mission to get you ready for the immigration process. We will guide you on how to take the assessment and as well help you schedule the test date. We will expose you to the protocols of WES and IELTS.

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