Benefits of a Permanent Resident Card

09 Apr, 2018

A permanent resident card is a card that bears the information of an eligible individual. It bears the biographical information, fingerprint, photo, and expiration date of the card. The Canada Permanent resident card allows you to live, work and establish yourself in Canada.

Application for a permanent resident card can be done through various programs. There are over 60 programs through which a person can migrate and gain permanent residency in Canada. You are not a permanent resident of Canada until you obtain a permanent resident card. The benefits of having a permanent resident card are so numerous. The following are what you enjoy as a Canadian permanent resident card holder:

  • With a permanent resident card, you get to reside and remain in Canada. The permanent resident card allows you to live and enjoy the beautiful and exciting country of Canada. You get the opportunity to live like every other citizen of Canada. You can start a family and sit back to enjoy the days of your life in this beautiful country.
  • You get to work in Canada with a permanent resident card. It's no news that there is a lot of business opportunities and engagement in Canada. It is a beautiful country with a vibrant economy. There is always a good place where you can fit into work and earn a living in Canada.
  • Health Benefits: You get to enjoy several health benefits in Canada. You are entitled to every healthcare scheme. There are several health programs and policies that are open to Canadian citizens, with a permanent resident card, you get to enjoy the same benefits.
  • Law protection: the Canada permanent resident card helps you to stay protected by Canadian law. You are protected by law at every level and jurisdiction. From the Federal law to state, provincial, and local jurisdiction laws, you are absolutely protected. You are equally protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • You have the opportunity to establish your residence and work in Canada. You are equally entitled to run a business and work in Canada with a permanent resident card.
  • It helps you with obtaining Canadian citizenship. It makes the application process pretty easy.
  • You also get to engage in every legal work of your qualification.
  • Obtaining a permanent resident card makes living pretty easy for you in Canada. You have access to all facilities just like everyone else.