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08 Mar, 2023

Is CanadaIMS a Fake Company?

Every year, people from around the world come to Canada to become Canadians. However, Canada's immigration system can be a long, complicated, and intimidating process. But CanadaIMS is a real company that is here to help immigrants.

The purpose of our immigration service is to assist immigrants in navigating the Canadian immigration process so that they can fulfill all legal requirements and improve their chances of obtaining a permanent residence. 

People from around the world can rely on our immigration service. CanadaIMS IS NOT a fake company. We are a real company that provide immigration services to people who wish to move to Canada. 


Fake Immigration Agencies: How to Spot Them


1. The email address is random

The email address would never be used by a reputable company. You should always check the email address before opening it as the email itself may contain malware that could compromise your privacy. 

Please make sure that the email address you receive from us is connected to our main domain. Beware of fake immigration agencies if it's not connected to our main domain.


2. Payment requests via Whatsapp

A reputable immigration agency such as CanadaIMS will never ask you to process your application through a chat application such as WhatsApp. 

You will only be able to contact us via Whatsapp for support with your registration process. We will provide you with any further information regarding your Canadian immigration application.

You will also never be sent a payment link by CanadaIMS, nor will you be asked to make a payment via Whatsapp by us. Our official domain will always be linked to your payment link. 


3. Poor website content and fake consultants

A regulated Canadian immigration consultant such as CanadaIMS have a quality website and their consultants submit your immigration application on your behalf. CanadaIMS fake concerns should not cross your mind.


4. Websites that are copycats

The look and design of a reputable company will be copied by some fraudulent Canadian immigration agencies. To gain the trust of unsuspecting applicants, scammers use the reputation of a legitimate immigration agency. 

Clients are often tricked into thinking a website is the real one when, in fact, it is a fraudulent site. The importance of paying attention to detail cannot be overstated. There will be differences, even if they are slight.


5. Incorrect contact information

If you look closer, you will notice that a fraudulent copycat site has some slight discrepancies. A dead giveaway is when a company's contact number does not match its address. 

It is not uncommon for a fraudulent company to claim to be located in Canada but provide a cell phone number or landline in another country to scam immigration applicants. Our website contains correct contact information for clients to reach us.



It can be difficult to navigate the Canadian immigration system, especially when you worry about whether the Canadian immigration agency you are dealing with is legitimate. 

So, to answer the question about CanadaIMS fake claims, the short answer is NO! It is a real company that offers dedicated immigration services. 

Kindly note that we are not the government, but we are a private company and we don’t sell visas but provide legal services for our clients.