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08 Jan, 2023

Why is CanadaIMS a Legal Company?

When embarking on a new journey, you need to ask for directions, and sometimes for help with the least amount of stress. The same applies to immigrants who are beginning the legalization process within Canada.

It is common for immigrants to seek advice from friends, relatives, translators, or notaries when they intend to come to Canada because they are unfamiliar with immigration laws. 

This could result in them getting flawed statistics, which can cause serious problems when applying for residency, citizenship, and family reunions in the future. CanadaIMS is legal and you can trust our services.

Getting the correct visa for your stay is the first step in finding out how to immigrate to Canada. Become a Canadian citizen and a permanent resident if you plan to remain in Canada for the long term.

Through CanadaIMS legal services provided by our lawyers and advocates, a legal firm will protect your rights before the law. Any claim you submit will be represented by our attorneys. We defend the cases you encountered to prove that you're right before the law. You can rely on us for representation and protection in all cases.


Why is CanadaIMS a Legal Company?

CanadaIMS legal services can guarantee you entry into the program without any obstacles. You can also expect our team to help you prepare and submit your application. A confirmation number will be sent to you once your application has been submitted.

Additionally, we provide daily updates on all aspects of your immigration status to Canada. Changes in Canadian policy, requests for additional information, success strategies, and application status are all included. You will receive all the information you need from us.

We also offer excellent customer support. Please feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have. Your question will be answered immediately. 

In the past few years, we have assisted people from a variety of countries and cultures in submitting their immigration applications to the Canadian State Department. 


What our Legal Team Does

Our legal team advises immigrants on how to navigate the complicated and ever-evolving immigration process, which changes with each presidency and interpret Canadian immigration laws. 

Immigration lawyers spend a lot of time assisting clients who are experiencing difficulties adhering to immigration regulations. Deportation hearings are also handled.

An application can be delayed for years even if you make a simple, honest mistake. Applicants may also be denied or deported if they make mistakes. 

CanadaIMS legal services have lawyers who specialize in immigration generally serve as advisors or counselors to clients who have to deal with the Canadian immigration system.

Immigration lawyers do appear before immigration judges on behalf of clients when necessary. In addition to dealing with immigration issues, most immigration lawyers also deal with criminal law issues.

A Canadian immigration legal team is typically needed in several instances - to assist someone in extending or changing their immigration status, as well as to represent someone in a court hearing.

Please remember that CanadaIMS is not the government, but a private company, and we do not sell visas, but provide legal services.