Can I Get A Canada Immigration Visa Without a Job Offer?

31 May, 2018

You may be amongst those that hate where they are currently living in, and won't mind coming to Canada to exploit a lot of opportunities. A lot of persons feel that they must have a job offer before they are eligible to migrate to Canada, that's not totally true.

Currently, you can have access to some programs that permit you to drop an application for a permanent residency. A Canadian immigration visa can be gotten now without the need for a job offer. This means that if you haven't secured employment beforehand, you are still eligible to get a Canadian Immigration visa.


Immigrating To Canada Without A Job

If you are a Skilled Worker, you are eligible to apply for a Canadian Immigration visa without necessarily having a job offer. Currently, there are a lot of job opportunities in Canada, from finance to even health.

As long as you have the needed expertise in any of those fields in the labor market, you can easily apply to be a Federal Worker.

The skills you have will be analyzed via a point system. This is done to ensure that you will succeed if allowed to enter Canada. The Canadian government doesn't want an influx of those with skill sets not needed in the economy. If you pass the point system, you are closer to having the Canadian Immigration visa.

To allow candidates to know which occupations are needed, the Canadian government is known to regularly publish those jobs that are wanted in the workforce.

Only those candidates that have spent more than a year working in those occupations are eligible to apply for a Canadian Immigration visa, as long as they can get the needed points using the government crafted point system.

This is a great scheme for those migrants that want to gain entrance into Canada without a job offer. All you need to do is the meet the necessary criteria, and you are good to go.

There is usually a cap placed on the numbers of persons that can apply using this scheme yearly. It is important to find out if the cap for your eligible occupation has been reached or not.

One can also apply to be a Skilled Worker, if the person is enrolled for a Ph.D. program in the country, or is done with the program.

Before you apply using this, you have to find out if you are eligible for any of the occupations listed.