Canada Immigration Requirements To Immigrate To Canada Under Canadian Experience Class

12 Jun, 2018

The Canadian Experience Class is designed for those international students and Temporary foreign workers who want to be Permanent Residents in Canada. If you are a temporary foreign worker, then this program is the right one for you. All you need to do is know the Canada immigration requirements to immigrate to Canada using this scheme.

Since these applicants have gotten a Canadian work experience or/ and education in Canada, they have already adapted to life in Canada and can impact society.

This scheme comes with easier Canada immigration requirements to immigrate to Canada when compared to other means of becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

The Canada immigration requirements to immigrate to Canada using the Canadian Experience Class are dependent on a pass or fail version.

The two applicants usually have varying requirements.


International Graduates with Canadian Work Experience

If you have been studying in Canada, you fall under this.

To be eligible, you should have completed a study program in a Canadian Post Secondary School of up to two years or more.

You should have moderate language skills, which is dependent on the level of skill your job entails.

You should also have more than one year of technical or professional work experience. This means that you must have worked after your Post Secondary School academic completion in Canada, and it has been noticed that you are a great worker that your company and Canada would miss if you left.


Temporary Foreign Workers

If you have worked in Canada using a temporary work permit, then you fall under this. The applicant should have spent about two years of technical or professional work experience within three years of that application.

You should have at least a basic set of language skills based on what skill set your occupation needs.

The applicant should have at least met the basic requirements, and can still reside in Canada because of either a Temporary Work Permit or Post Graduate Work Permit.

If the applicant doesn't live in Canada, it is expected that he or she must submit the application within one year of leaving Canada, if not he or she may falter in the Canada immigration requirements to immigrate to Canada.