CANADA PR APPLICATION: Quebec Skilled Worker

05 Aug, 2018

Based on the agreement that was reached between the Canadian Government and Province of Quebec, Quebec has created its kind of selection process for those that fall into the skilled workers. If you intend to be a permanent resident, you can try out this Canada PR Application process.

It is important to note that if you use this Canada PR Application process, you will be expected to live in Quebec immediately you step your feet in Canada, if not, then this is not for you. For those that intend to live in Quebec, you would be expected to be analyzed using the Quebec Selection criteria only. The CIC evaluation is not meant for you. It is to be noted that Quebec makes use of a similar points-based system, but the criteria are different a bit.

To be eligible for the Quebec Selection Certificate, it is expected that a single applicant gets more than sixty points from the criteria. If you are coming with your spouse or partner, it is expected that you get more than 68 points.

Below are the selection factors before an applicant can be considered eligible for the Canada PR Application using the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme.



This has a maximum point of 29. The points, here, are given differently for job-related training and education. You can get extra points for having many specialties.


Validated Employment Offer

This comes with a maximum of 10 points. If you have a job offer from Quebec, you get points for it.



This comes with a maximum point of 9. You are given the entire points if you have at least four years experience.



This comes with a maximum point of 18. You are given the entire point if you fall between eighteen and thirty-five.


Language proficiency

This comes with a maximum point of 22. If you understand French, you can easily clinch the points.


Stay and family in Quebec

This comes with a maximum point of 9. If you have stayed in Quebec before or have a family there, you can benefit from this.


Spouse's characteristics

It comes with a maximum point of 18.

If you have a partner or spouse that has great training, education, work experience, language, and age, you get this.



It has a maximum point of 8. It depends on the age of your kids.


Financial self-sufficiency

This comes with a maximum point of 1. If you have a financial net-worth to take care of yourself upon arrival, this is for you.



This comes with a maximum point of 8. If you have a higher chance of adapting to Quebec, you can ace this.