Canada PR requirements: All that is needed

09 Jan, 2019

Having a Canada Permanent Residency (PR) is an easy process when you have all the needed requirements. As much as you want to get that Canadian Permanent Residency, you have to prepare yourself and make sure you meet all the necessary Canada PR requirements, so you will make your dream come true. Here are the needed requirements to get that Canadian PR.

  • Education Credentials Assessment; This assessment is to ascertain if the candidate possesses the needed educational qualifications to reside and work in Canada. This is needed to prove that your educational qualifications are equal to that of Canada at every level. This document is issued by the World Education Service.
  • IELTS Language Status Report; Is the document that proves your language proficiency and helps you display your language ability to Canadian employers. This might also give you a healthy boost in the CRS score.
  • Submission of Express Entry Application Form; This application is done online. This application has 3 major stream

A federal skilled worker program

             Canadian Experience Class

             Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Get your CRS score; This is the major deciding factor of Canada immigration. This score is gotten based on the information recorded in your express entry profile. Information such as language ability, age, education, work experience, etc.
  • Apply for PNP; If your score in the  CRS system is not high enough, it’s better you get a Provincial Nomination Program, but before that, make sure you check the requirements of the very province you are applying for since the different provinces have their unique criteria.
  • Wait for express entry draw; When the application process is completed, you standby for the Express Entry draws. You will get an invitation to apply for from IRCC if your score is above the CRS cut-off mark. The Express Entry draws is holds every 15 days.
  • Invite to apply or Nomination document: After getting an ITA or a PNP apply for PR Visa.
  • Documents required by Immigration; The following are the documents that will be required of you. Identity Proof, Educational Qualifications Documents, Work Experience, Valid Passport, Your recent photograph and Job offer letter from a Canadian employer.

You have chances of improving your CRS score through learning French, improve your educational qualifications, and get more work experience, taking a course on the IELTS language is another sure way that can skyrocket your CRS Score.