Canada PR visa

11 Apr, 2019

Among the top countries to consider when applying for a visa in Canada. The country has proven to be one of the best countries to obtain a permanent resident visa. The country rules are very lenient thereby making it more attractive to foreigners. Obtaining Canada PR visa exposes you to the various privileges ranging from adequate immigration policy to a good employment rate and finally a proper standard to raise a family.

Generally, there are different immigration programs situated in Canada that gives room for foreigners to obtain a Canada PR visa. The visa is given to highly skilled overseas workers as well as the professionals. For example Quebec skilled workers program(QSWP) and the Express entry system.

It is important to know that each of the above-stated programs follows a system and for you to select a PR visa of your choice, it is expected that you have gotten up to a particular point which is determined by your education, age, skill, work experience along with other factors.

What you stand to gain when you have a Canada PR visa.

  • You will have an opportunity to study, live and even work anywhere in Canada.
  • Upon having a Canada PR visa, you have the benefit of applying for Canada citizenship after a specified period.
  • You have the opportunity to receive the same health care and other social benefits granted to citizens of the country.
  • After the PR visa is granted to you, you automatically get protection under Canadian law.


What are the different PR visa categories

There are numerous categories of PR visa that can be applied for and they include:

  1. For skilled immigrants
  • A federal skilled worker.
  • A program for federal trades workers.
  • An experienced class for Canadians
  • A PNP program.
  1. Quebec skilled workers program.
  2. Entrepreneur and skilled employment for investors.
  3. A life in caregiver visa
  4. Family sponsorship and refugee sponsorship.


Applying for Canada PR visa

The first step to be taken is to fill a free assessment form which is normally given when applying for a Canada PR  visa. The immigration expert will be in contact with you informing you with the appropriate date to collect your visa.

Applying for a Canadian visa is not difficult. You just need to follow the necessary steps needed for visa application, and you will enjoy the same interesting privileges in like others in Canada.