Canada PR Visa Process: Family Class Sponsorship

05 Feb, 2019

Coming to Canada is made easier as long as you understand the Canada PR Visa Process. There are different programs by which a person can opt for and heighten his or chances of succeeding at the Canada PR Visa Process. One of them is the Family Class Sponsorship program. This program is designed for Permanent residents of Canada or citizens, who are up to eighteen years and want to sponsor their close family members to Canada.

To be able to sponsor a close relative using the Family Class Sponsorship program, you should be a permanent resident or a Canadian resident. That's not all. You will be expected to sign a contract that states you will be responsible for your family member for from three to ten years while they reside in Canada.

The length that you are meant to support the family member is usually dependent on how old the family member is, and the level of the relationship.

Your sponsored relative is expected to also sign an agreement, in a bid to promise that they will try their best to be self-sufficient while in Canada.

For you to qualify to sponsor a relative, it is expected that you should show that you have the financial capability to sponsor the needs of the relative, at least the basic needs.

The sponsor has to be residing physically in Canada, and not outside Canada, but exceptions are made. If you are a Canadian citizen, you can act as a sponsor to your kids, spouse or common-law partner, even when you are not residing in Canada. For the exceptions, you are still expected to display an intention to take care of your relative in Canada.


Those family members that can benefit from this sponsorship are:

Grandparents, parents can benefit from the Canada PR Visa process.

Common law partners, spouses.

Dependent kinds that are below 22, or are dependent totally for financial support because of a disability or full-time student.

Kids that are below eighteen years that you want to adopt. Those orphaned nephews, nieces, sisters and brothers that are unmarried and below eighteen years.

A relative that is of any age, as long as you don't have those family members that were listed.

If your relatives fall into any of the following, they can benefit from this Canada PR Visa Process.