Different Canadian Permanent Resident types

20 Apr, 2019

The country of Canada is known to have access to a lot of migrants annually. In a year, over two hundred thousand persons are allowed to gain entrance into Canada to become permanent residents.

Immediately they go through the permanent residence application process; they can start out a new life in Canada. There are several Canadian Permanent Resident types that are meant for different classes of persons. Immediately those that fall into these Canadian Permanent Resident types are given the permanent resident status; they are given a card.

They are being permanent residents of Canada allow them to benefit to rights that Canadian citizens are entitled to.


 There are different Canadian Permanent Resident types, under which an immigrant can gain permanent residence, and they are:

  • International Adoption
  • Family Class Immigration
  • Skilled Worker Class Immigration
  • Business Class Nomination
  • Provincial Nomination


Family Class Immigration:

As a potential migrant, you can benefit from this Canadian Permanent Resident types, if you have a very close family member that is a permanent resident in Canada. Over forty percent of migrants that came to Canada came through this means.

International Adoption:

As a permanent resident, a person is permitted to adopt kids from outside Canada. Those Canadians that want to adopt kids outside Canada must be capable of sponsoring the kids for a long period and should have shown that they are capable of raising the kids.

Skilled Worker Class Immigration:

For those that are skilled workers, they are permitted to apply for permanent residence under this, as this is a Canadian Permanent Resident type. The candidates are usually analyzed based on their education, language ability, age, arranged employment, work experience, as well as adaptability. Everything listed above is usually estimated independently, and the cumulative score determines if the candidate is eligible or not.

Provincial Nomination:

Under this Canadian Permanent Resident types, a territory is allowed to choose people that they want. To get this done, the candidate is expected to apply through an agent immigration office in the specific province, requesting for nomination.

Business Class Immigration:

This Canadian Permanent Resident type allows those that fall into these classes to apply: self-employed, investors and entrepreneurs.