Eligibility Criteria for Immigration to Canada

28 Jun, 2018



Canada is a beautiful place to consider immigration. To be able to meet up with permanent residency or immigration to Canada, you have to measure up to the minimum eligibility criteria. Considering the Express Entry program for immigration into Canada, eligibility depends on a point system analysis in which an applicant is awarded points based on the credentials or documents submitted.


The basis for Canada immigration eligibility


Age: There is usually no upper age limit for immigration to Canada. However, candidates between the ages of 18  to 35 have the chance of earning more points in the age category. Candidates between these age groups are often apportioned maximum points.



Candidates earn good points for having an educational qualification. The education of a candidate must, however, be equal to the Canadian Education Board. Submitted educational papers including degrees, diplomas, and certificate are authorized by the WES.


A good educational background in concordance with the Canadian Educational Board will earn a candidate a good point.


Language proficiency:

Canada is a bilingual nation. There are two official languages which are English and French. Proficiency in any of these languages can earn you points. Anyone who wishes to obtain a Canada permanent residency or Canadian citizenship much be proficient in English or French, this way you have an edge and more chances of a successful application. A proficiency test is usually conducted. IELTS examination is conducted to test proficiency in the English language.


Work Experience:

This is another focus point from which you can earn points for eligibility. As a candidate who is seeking to be eligible for migration to Canada, you should be skilled and capable of working in Canada. So, you need to be able to engage in full-time continuous work. The qualification will be attached alongside the work experience in order to earn a higher point under this category.



Candidates with relatives in Canada are allotted more points because they can adapt easily with the help of their relatives. They can easily find a way to fair and live good with the sponsorship of their Canadian relatives.


Job Offer:

Candidates who are immigrating to Canada for a job offer have more points. When you have a job offer from a Canadian company, it becomes pretty easy and without pressure.


These points are calculated to be the eligibility point for every candidate. A minimum of 60 points for Express Entry and 67 points for the skilled worker's program.