How can I apply for PR in Canada using the Provincial Nomination Program?

26 Mar, 2019

A lot of persons want to move to Canada but are confused about what to do. Sometimes, it is common to hear them utter words, 'how can I apply for PR in Canada?'

Once they are turned down, they feel it is thoroughly impossible to gain entrance into Canada. There are different means a person can get an immigration visa to Canada. This is why you should ask yourself an important question, 'how can I apply for PR in Canada?', as this allows you to know which option will seal the deal.

To have your immigration process sped up, and to answer that nagging question of 'how can I apply for PR in Canada?', the PNP - Provincial Nomination Program - is here.

This program, PNP, is a partnership that was formed by the Canadian Government and the provincial governments, in a bid to choose those migrants that want to come to Canada and live in a specific province.

A lot of provinces have agreements with the government to entice eligible immigrants to settle down in a particular province. There is a great chance that the province you plan on settling in has such an agreement with the Canadian government.

The agreement permits a province to easily nominate those applicants that are currently having occupations that are needed in the province. This will allow the applicants to contribute a lot to the province. All you need to check is if the province has an agreement with the Canadian government, and what their requirements are. What occupations are they seeking? What skills are they looking for? If your skill is in high demand, then continue the process.

If you want to immigrate to Canada using PNP, you should start by applying to the Provincial government for a Provincial Nomination Certificate. Go for the province that you intend to reside in, as every province comes with varying requirements since their needs differ.

After you must have gotten the Provincial Nomination Certificate, the next line of action is to apply to get a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. As a Provincial nominee, you are given a lot of priority than those applicants for Permanent residency. If you are eligible for the Provincial Nomination Certificate, your chances of getting the visa are higher.

Only ten provinces that are eligible for this Provincial Nomination Program.