How to apply for Canada PR

01 May, 2019

A Canada permanent resident is anyone that has been granted a permanent resident status after immigrating to Canada without being a full Canadian citizen. A person temporarily residing in Canada like a worker or a student is not a permanent resident. If I may ask, have you ever asked yourself how to apply for Canada PR?. If no is the answer, the following answers will help you learn more

Applying for Canada PR

First of all, a PR card is mandatory when applying to be a permanent resident. It shows the resident status in Canada. The card is usually used to show your resident status. If you travel out and probably return with a commercial vehicle, a plane, a train or even a bus, the card will serve as your residential identification status.

Canada provides enough opportunities to thousands of people so that they can all get their PR card status. This provision is made available every single year. The good news is the fact that the country as a whole has increased the rate of successful applicants to an interesting amount of over 280,000 people almost every year. You can have the same opportunity as them.

Secondly, when considering how to apply for Canada PR, you must first check out the stated terms of immigration categories. Each and every category simply explain common means which can be used to obtain a PR status. The selected 5 main categories to consider when applying for permanent residence are:

  •  An express entry category
  • The family class immigration
  • The Canadian experience class.
  • The program for provincial nominees
  • Business immigration.

Things to do before applying for PR

When knowing how to apply for Canada PR, you have to be conversant about the necessary things needed before applying for Canada PR. The PR card is normally given for 5 years. It can also be issued for 1 year. Once the card is given, it is valid until it expires. The expiry date is normally stated on the card. Picking up a PR card can be done at a Canadian government office.

You can request for your PR card to be reissued if any mistake is found. Bear in mind that most times named will be shortened on the card due to the fact that it is too long to fit in.

Is it difficult to apply for Canada PR?

Honestly, applying for Canada PR can be a little bit strenuous, time-consuming and difficult. It is important to get professional immigration help when applying for Canadian permanent residence.