How To Apply For Canadian Citizenship

10 Mar, 2019

Application for Canadian citizenship requires you to meet certain criteria. These criteria are what determines your eligibility. Eligibility depends on a series of things, but they are all to ensure that you meet up with the Federal government law on citizenship.


Criteria for eligibility

For you to be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you must be able to provide certain things and meet some requirements. It begins with you being able to speak and write a Canadian official language which could be English or French. You must be a permanent resident of Canada, and you must have lived a minimum of 1,095 days in Canada before your application for Canadian citizenship. You must have had your taxes filed for a minimum of three years during the last five years. Be sure to have all income tax paid before putting forward your application.

Your application may be rejected or returned by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship  Canada (IRCC) if you do not give good proof about your knowledge and fluency of a Canadian official language, either English or French.

An applicant of Canadian citizenship must be a Canadian citizen or be filing an application to be a Canadian citizen. If you have a Canadian parent, you may already have Canadian citizenship, you only need to apply for proof to be a recognized citizen.


Application for Canadian citizenship

Download the Canadian Citizen Application Package to fill. Attach supporting documents then proceed to the payment of application fee. Forward your application to the Centralized Intake office.


Citizenship test

You would be invited to take a citizenship test upon a successful application. Applicants under the age of 18 and beyond the age of 54 do not participate in the citizenship test. This test is conducted basically to ensure citizenship is strictly offered to people who are eligible.

The final step will be your biometrics. Your biometrics will be taken to ensure that you are not forbidden under the Citizenship Act. The biometrics information is generated from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada for the purpose of Canada citizenship.

Note that a person who is in prison or that has been in prison recently cannot apply for Canadian citizenship. A person who is serving a sentence or has been charged with a crime is not eligible to apply. You may also not be eligible if you have been ordered out of Canada, had your citizenship revoked or haven't met the terms and conditions of your PR status.