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21 Dec, 2022

Is CanadaIMS a Fraud Company?


Consumers are often defrauded by dishonest immigration consultants who charge fees for illegal or misleading services, including giving incorrect legal advice, claiming to have inside "connections" or encouraging them to lie on their applications. 

Dealing with these people involved in immigration fraud often results in consumers losing their money and hurting their chances of adjusting their immigration status. 

An immigration consultancy, CanadaIMS helps people relocate from abroad to Canada by recommending viable immigration options. 

By helping as many people as possible, we hope to help them realize their dreams of moving to Canada with their families and eventually becoming Canadian citizens and avoid falling victims to fraud.


How can CanadaIMS Help?


CanadaIMS isn’t a fraud company. We have proven to be a legitimate immigration service provide, assisting thousands from across the world to complete their move to Canada. 

Every year, the Canadian government rejects many applications, probably because applicants didn't meet the requirements. 

This isn't an intentional mistake and we understand that at CanadaIMS. The problem might be caused by a language barrier or a lack of proper information in some cases. 

As a result, we can assist all interested candidates in gaining entry into the Canadian immigration program, no matter what their language, culture, or nationality may be. 


What do we do?


  • Your application is cross-checked to make sure there are no errors

  • Our customer support team is available all day long in your native language

  • To ensure your digitized images comply with all Canadian government requirements, we assess them.

  • Our team of experts provides constant updates on the status of your application, as well as tips on how to succeed in the program.

  • Our team ensures that your application is submitted in the right format, which is a requirement

  • A personal immigration specialist is assigned to your case file

  • Our secure payment options ensure credibility by offering a variety of options

  • Before the deadline, we ensure that your application is submitted on time.

Kindly note that we are not the government but a private company; and we do not sell visas but provide the services of a lawyer.


The Application Process


CanadaIMS isn’t a scam and we have proven that over the years. Our five-step process is designed to ensure that your submission to the immigration program is successful.

  • Registration: To determine whether you are eligible for Canadian immigration, we will have you check with us

  • Application: The first step in the application process is to fill out the application form. The official application form will be sent to you once we have verified your eligibility

  • Image: The photo you submit will be digitized properly into the right format. We will include them in the application as well

  • Submission: Before officially submitting your application, we will ensure it meets all requirements to prevent rejection

  • Selection: You will receive updates on the status of your application from CanadaIMS. We will also inform you of the results as soon as they are available




You will succeed in this program because of our specially designed process. Additionally, we ensure that all client files receive the highest priority. Our immigration consultancy agency is the best choice for you.

Is CanadaIMS a fraud company? NO, it is a legitimate company that aims to provide immigration services to people from all works of life. 

If you have a question, we will not ignore it or take a long time to answer it. Our application process is designed to make you feel comfortable and informed throughout.