Permanent Resident in Canada

07 Dec, 2018

A permanent resident in Canada is a person who though not being a Canadian citizen, is granted a right to live and work in Canada without any time duration for their stay. The distinction between a permanent resident and temporal resident is just the privilege of living and working without fear and without any time duration. The criteria to become a permanent resident in Canada, the individual must apply to refugees, immigration and citizenship Canada.


Benefits of permanent residence.

A permanent resident in Canada has almost the same responsibilities and rights as that of a Canadian citizen. Both the right to work and the right to live is granted to him except in some areas where the work has restrictions. Permanent residents can take part in most of the same social functions including receiving Canada's country health care and also becoming a contributor to the Canada pension plan.

Permanent residents in Canada has the equal right and freedom which is guaranteed to them according to the Canadian charter of rights and freedom.

A permanent resident can apply for citizenship if he has stayed up to a particular period in Canada. Before applying the individual must have spent up to 3 years as a permanent resident.


Restrictions of permanent residents in Canada.

There are some restrictions given to permanent residents in Canada.

  1. Right to vote and to be voted for:

A permanent resident in Canada does not have the right to vote or to be voted for. The individual can never run for a public office in government or vote for a government official.

  1. National security

For security reasons permanent residents in Canada, cannot be employed to work in a public or private sector that needs an extremely high-level security clearance.

  1. International travel

Permanent residents when planning an international trip must make use of the passport of their present national status in addition to a permanent residential card. This is because they cannot be given a Canadian passport. Even if the individual's current nationality would not directly qualify, some countries may still consider granting visa-free entry to a permanent resident of Canada.

Keep in mind that a person who travels out of Canada for a vacation and plans to return, whether through a bus or flight or any other means, must present a permanent resident travel document or a permanent resident card which must be issued by Canada diplomatic office.