PR application in Canada

28 Nov, 2018

PR application can only be successful by applying for the express entry. An express entry invitation to apply is made valid for not more than 60 days. Try filling up the online information immediately so that you can get all the necessary information as well as documents before the invitation option closes.

To fill up a PR application form, the following steps are needed:

  • Sign into your registered account
  • Follow the link and apply for permanent residence. This will be done under the express entry.

Bear in mind that when filling the form,

  •  The answers must all be correct
  • All the important fields are filled up; otherwise, you won't be allowed to submit.
  • After saving your information, you can choose to go back and make any corrections.

The documents of express entry give you a checklist of all personalized documents. This can only be seen after you have completed all the necessary fields stated on the online form.

Document translation

Having a document which language is different from English or French, it is important that you upload the following

  • A French or English translation
  • A certified photocopy of the original or main document.
  • An affidavit was taken from the individual who must have completed the translation.

When a certified translator helps you complete your translation, the following must occur:

  • The documents stamping must be with registration number or the translator's certification.
  • You can show that you didn’t provide any affidavit since a certified translator finished the translation which is writing a letter and scanning it with a translated document.

Expiring passport

When your passport expires after 6 months from the day you send it your PR application, it is necessary to renew it. After renewing, try updating the new passport information in your PR application. This will show us how valid your application is.

As soon as your document is gotten, you should duplicate copies by using a camera or a scanner. You must follow one of the formats. The next thing shown is the fees for express entry. When you are done the filling of the document and uploading the document, the document automatically shows you the amount needed to be paid.

Payment of fees is done online and if your application is not complete your fee will be refunded. The only ground for your processing fees not to be refunded is if the application has already been processed.

Endeavor to pay your right of permanent residence fee before you submit your PR application.