Skilled Workers: Canada Immigration Points Calculator

08 Nov, 2018

One major element of gaining entrance into Canada as a Skilled Worker is the Points System, which can be analyzed by the Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

The point-based system was created and used by the CIC- Citizenship and Immigration Canada- to know which applicants will succeed if allowed into Canada. The Canadian government doesn't want to have a stream of immigrants that may end up being a burden to it, and that's why this point based system was created.

Before you apply for an immigration visa using the Skilled Worker Program, it won't be a bad idea to use the Canada Immigration Points Calculator to know if you are eligible or not. Using six varying selection factors, one can find out if they can succeed in Canada.

To be qualified to migrate to Canada, it is important that an applicant reach at least 67 points. This doesn't mean that you will automatically be given a visa, but the right points on the Canada Immigration Points Calculator draw you closer to approval.

To a large extent, the Canadian Immigration Visa Officers are permitted to make use of discretion while evaluating the immigration application to either approve or reject.


There are a few factors that are considered for the assessment, and they are:


This has a maximum point of 25, and it starts from five points for high school graduates to twenty for Ph.D. or masters graduate.

There are also points for trade certificates.

Language skills

This has a maximum point of 24. Since Canada makes use of both French and English, an applicant gets credit for understanding and communicating in both of them or one.

There are marks given differently for those who can read, speak, listen and write those languages.


This has a maximum point of 21. If you have at least four years of experience, you get all the points.


The maximum is 10 points. If you fall between twenty-one to forty-nine, you get the full points.

Arranged employment

This gives a maximum of 10 points. If you currently have a job offer in Canada, you get credit for this.