The Process Of Canada Immigration

17 Oct, 2018

Canada is one of the countries that have a great percentage of migration. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful destination where you can get to live, work, and enjoy a good life. Getting into Canada requires getting extensive information about Canada Migration process. This post is complete information about Canadian immigration.

Paths of Immigration

There are various paths through which an individual can migrate to Canada. Making a choice of the appropriate class for you is the starting point. There is the Canadian Experience class which is a program suitable for students or working class people who are finding ways to gain permanent residency. The Provincial Nominee program involves arrangement directly from a province for certain professionals or those who have a special skill. The family immigration type allows you to be a permanent resident by applying for a visa while having your relative as your sponsor. Programs such as Federal Skilled Workers and Federal Skilled Trades are also good ways of Canada migration.

When looking to migrate to Canada, eligibility is a great factor that determines the possibility. Eligibility for Canada migration varies across each immigration classes. Education and qualifications are the two most important factors that determine your eligibility for a work visa. Meanwhile, Family visas require the sponsorship of a relative living in Canada.

Since there are several programs for Canada immigration, every individual may have a different or unique path. An individual migrating to Canada with Canada Skilled Worker immigration can migrate into Canada with his or her family upon successful application or visa grant. Skilled workers and professionals have several options to choose from. As a skilled worker, you are eligible to apply under Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Class. If you intend to migrate to Quebec, you may also apply under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Canadian employers are open to foreign-trained or skilled professionals to be part of their workforce. So, getting a job offer may be a very good way for your migration.

If you have a relative in Canada, joining them to enjoy an exciting life can be a reality through Family class sponsorship. This process of Canada migration makes it possible for a family to stay together. Relationships that qualify for this class of migration include spouses, parents, grandparents, and common law partners.

Canada Business Class program aims to contribute to the Canadian economy. Entrepreneur, investors, self-employed individuals are those eligible for this class of migration. The whole process becomes very easy once you know the appropriate class for you.