What is a Canada PR card?

19 Feb, 2019

Canada is one of the top countries where a lot of people want to settle down. The great economy and employment opportunities are some of the reasons why a lot of people strive to gain Canada permanent residency. Another reason is to be able to settle down to a good life there. The process of obtaining Canada permanent residency includes a few soft policies by the Canada government.

A permanent resident or PR card

The Canada permanent resident card is proof or evidence that shows a person as a permanent resident of Canada. Every permanent resident of Canada is required to go around with their PR Card, or they may not be granted access to board flights, buses, trains or get into Canada through whatever means. The card is what helps every resident or holder to return to Canada.

As a PR card holder, it is your responsibility to ensure that your card stays valid. You can always apply for a new one if your current one expires.

Who needs a Canada PR

Canada PR is basically needed by those who are citizens of another country. A permanent resident is the status of a citizen of another country that has gained permanent residency in Canada. To become a Canada citizen or gain permanent residency in Canada, the immigration board must give approval.

Benefits of a Canada PR

Canada PR card grants a holder a great opportunity while they live in Canada. As a permanent resident of Canada, you have the right to the following:

  • You get to live, study or work anywhere of your choice around Canada
  • You have a right to health and social benefits that Canadians enjoy.
  • You can apply for Canada citizenship
  • You are covered by Canadian law, and you must respect the laws.
  • As a Canada permanent resident, you are expected to pay taxes and respect the laws at all levels.

How to become a Canada PR

You can become a Canada PR by applying for a PR card. You can do this while inside or outside of Canada. Applications by temporary residents who are within Canada are treated as "inland application" while other applications outside Canada are attended to by visa offices outside Canada as "outland application."

You can become a permanent resident under any of the following main categories: Business Immigration, Family Class Immigration, Canadian Experience, Provincial Nominee programs, Express Entry Category.